Question: How much is it to rent a margarita machine ?

Answer: Our prices vary throughout the year depending upon availability and seasonal
demand. The price includes delivery and pickup in our free delivery area, (additional
charge for delivery out of the free delivery area) your first mix concentrate, use of our
5-gallon per-measured mixing container, free cups and a salt-rimer with salt.

Question: Are the machines easy to use?

Answer: Yes indeed. We mix your first batch for you and show you how to use the
machine. We leave clear printed instructions. NO ICE IS NEEDED

Question: How many drinks does one batch yield?

Answer: One batch of Margarita's makes about 60 eight-ounce drinks. Our experience
shows that usually half of more guests drink the frozen drinks even if offered a choice.
We recommend one batch for every 25 frozen beverage drinkers. One machine will
deliver frozen drinks for up to 60 frozen beverage drinkers. If more guests are
expected, a second machine is strongly recommended otherwise too much demand is
put on the one machine and it cannot perform properly. (Additional machines

Question: How long does the first batch take?

Answer: Indoors about 40 minutes, outside on warm days, about an hour. There is no
waiting between batches because you add to the reservoir as you go. Preferably
before machine's mix-low alert light comes on.

Question: Who provides the liquor and how much is needed?

Answer: The customer provides all liquor. A medium strength batch of Margarita's calls
for three liters tequila, and a half to one liter triple sec liqueur.

Question: Are other kinds of drinks available?

Answer:  Strawberry Daiquiris, Margarita's, Blue Raspberry Ritas. We have KIDS
flavors too! Flavors especially made for kids are Blue Raspberry

Question: How far in advance should I reserve my machine?

Answer: We recommend two weeks and longer for holiday seasons and traditional
party dates like Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve.

Helpful Hints

Keep margarita machines in the shade during daytime operation.

Use a dedicated 110V, 20-amp circuit for each machine. If you don't know what that
means, call us!

Using a cold mix will ensure better output. During hot weather, add a 1/2 small bag of
ice to mixing bucket before adding the water.

Heavy gauge extension cords (12 Ga) are provided with each rental. Please do not use
any other cords. Extension cords provided are typically 25 ft and should not exceed 50
feet total length.

Please tell us when you make your reservation if we will encounter any steps or
stairways during delivery. If so, there must be one or more healthy males around to help
the delivery person.

Unauthorized transportation of machine(s) will result in a $500 fine. Please do not
attempt to relocate, lift or otherwise move machines.
Frequently Asked Questions