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Ohenry manufactures three different basic types of party
tents. Each type is designed for a specific use, which defines
the need for that particular type of tent. Each type is different,
with different advantages and disadvantages.
Traditional pole type tents

Traditional pole type tents are the most popular style of tent
for all sorts of uses from party tent rentals to disaster relief
tents and revival tents.

Traditional pole tents are extremely portable making them an
ideal choice for those who have need of a party tent but have
limited means of transporting their tent. You can even fit all
the components of a 60x90 pole tent in a standard 3/4 ton
pickup bed.

Traditional pole tents provide more covered area for less
money than any other type of tent. This makes a pole type
tent ideal for covering extremely large areas efficiently.
Ohenry pole tents are designed to be used over and over
again for many years.

Frame type tents
The frame type tent is ideal for use indoors where staking is
not possible, or in applications where a center pole is
undesirable. or the tent needs to be installed against a
building. Frame tents should be staked out just like a pole tent
when used outdoors.

Frame tents were originally conceived as a design which
eliminates the center pole or poles of a traditional pole tent.
This is the main reason for this type tent. While eliminating the
center pole can be advantageous, the frame type design
creates it own set of difficulties. The biggest difference
between pole and frame type tents is that frame tents use
specialized hardware, and require much more labor to install.

High Peak pole tents
High peak tents are classified as "tension"tents. They are
highly portable like a traditional pole type tent, and because of
aerodynamic design highly resistant to extreme winds.
High peak tents are extremely desirable for weddings, and
other events where an elegant look is desired. While more
expensive, the high peak commands admiration.

Since 1979 Ohenry productions Inc. has been manufacturing
heavy duty vinyl tents for the tent industry. We specialize in
the construction of frame tents, high peak tension tents and
pole tents which meet the demands of the party tent rental

Ohenry party tents are built with top quality first run materials,
made right here in the good old U.S.A. Standard tent sizes are
from 10' x 10' to 100' x 200'. If you need a frame tent or pole
tent that will stand the test of time, you will be glad when you
invest in an Ohenry party tent.

The U.S. military has chosen Ohenry several times when they
have a need for many large pole type tents on short notice.
Thousands of U.S. service men have been billeted in Ohenry
pole tents in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world.