Rock Climbing Wall and
Bungee Trampoline
Product Dimensions:
Need a space that is allows
easy access for full size
truck with 26 foot trailer
enter and exit. Wall when
ericte is 25 feet tall and
Two exciting and fun experiences. Our combo Climbing Walls offer the value of a jumper
system and a portable rock climbing wall in one, solid unit for two times the fun, adventure and
of course, profit. Book it today.
Email us at  to schedule your event.
Rock Wall only:
3 hours min : $700
4 hours :$800
5 hours :$900

2 Station
Bungee Trampoline Only :

3 hours :$900
4 hours :$1200

Combo rock wall/ 2 Station
Bungee Trampoline
3 hour min: $1500
4 hour min: $1900
each additional hour is $400