Party Powder
Remember Pixie Stix as a kid?
Now you can make your own! Perfect rental for any
Candy Theme, Birthday Party, Church and School
Fundraiser, or Company Picnic. After purchasing a
tube , you push the tube into the release mechanism
this will release the powder into the tube until you
release the pressure and then move onto the next
flavor making a colourful and tasty experience for all.
It’s that simple!

Includes:  12 flavor dispensor
      party powder tubes and caps.

Tubes available in either 6", 12", 18"or 34" sizes!

Fundraiser Pricing:

$2.00 -   6" tube
$3.00 - 12" tube
$4.00 - 18" tube
$5.50 - 34" tube
Email us at  to schedule.