Rent me for just $650 (4 hour) / $800 (8 hours).

Length: ~30 Feet
Width:  ~30 Feet
Height: ~15 Feet
Jurassic Adventure Play Land
Jurassic Adventure Inflatable
The original Jurassic Adventure bounce house brings fun and healthy activity
from the Jurassic age to your next picnic or party. Kids can choose from
several different dinosaur-themed activities, while entering and exiting through
the jaws of a mighty monster. Participants can crawl through more teeth to the
rock climb, and choose a right or left slide to the accompanying jump areas.
Fun themed Rockin Bronty and Steg Rocker obstacles then round out this
timeless bounce house. Flanked by palm trees, with its large jaws and fiery
archway, the Jurassic Adventure is sure to attract explorers all day long.
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